Urgent aid for Afghan women in danger

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CafeMaddyCab helped over 5000 people get home safely

In the fight against Asian hate crime, Maddy Park started an important movement. Using her platform and influence, she reimbursed cab fares for Asian elderly, women, and LGBTQ+ members to ensure that they could travel safely around New York City.

The campaign in numbers

Rather than directing funds towards a charity, Maddy chose to distribute micro-cash payments through Stimulus directly to her community, helping the money to reach those in need as quickly as possible.


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Average cab reimbursement

“Stimulus was a godsend for Cafemaddy CAB. As we gained momentum quickly, we were in urgent need of admin help that our team didn’t have access to as a crowdfunded initiative.

Stimulus came through and took on what an entire team of a nonprofit organization would have done for us- from web design, emails, secure payment, updates to donors, and more- at no cost. There was transparency and clear communication throughout the process allowing for rapid execution.

I would recommend Stimulus to anyone starting an initiative in their community, big or small.”

Maddy Park from Cafemaddy CAB

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Austin, TX

“This platform is amazing! Never lose hope because someone out there is always willing to help. Thanks to these awesome people.”

San Diego, CA

“Thank you for having this program available during these difficult times of the pandemic and also during racial injustice. Thank you for accepting my voice of an Asian-American seeking equality in the US.”

Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so much for your financial support. Your help could save a lot of lives literally. For me, It’s so hard to afford a cab fare home but I have to finish work late at night most of the days during the week. My wage alone isn’t enough to spare for a cab ride. Thanks to you all. I feel a lot more safe.

Queens, NYC

“After getting harassed on 7 train, it has been stressful to commute. CafeMaddyCab has been a tremendous support and made me realize I DO have a support system. Thank you.”

Brookyn, NYC

“I came across an elderly, Cantonese speaking woman who seemed lost at the train station and I felt compelled to get her to where she was going, safely. Thank you CafeMaddyCab.”

Truckee & Tahoe, CA

“I am so happy to have the support of the people in our community that don’t even know me. I am truly blessed during these difficult times. I am working so hard to give my children a better life. Thank you.”

New York, NY

You guys letting me take a cab to work provides a huge sigh of relief knowing I don’t have to look over my shoulder. I’ve been harassed twice already taking the subway and I always have so much anxiety even with my pepper spray. Ever since my dad passed away in January, I’ve been the sole breadwinner for my mom with my sole income as an essential worker.

Manhattan, NYC

“I am a nurse and this ride was for work. I have not taken the subway since I started getting harassed for being Chinese. I only take Ubers if my boyfriend cannot drive me. ”

Manhattan, NYC

“The recent attacks have left me depressed and scared to leave my home. Getting support for traveling has been so helpful in even getting me out of bed.”

Manhattan, NYC

“My father usually takes public transportation, however with the recent attacks of elderly Asians I’ve been paying for cab rides, that I can’t really afford, to keep him safe. ”


Jules ensured safe travel for Asians in Sacramento, California

Inspired by CafeMaddyCab, Jules created CaliSumerCab to provided safe travel for Asian elderly and Asian women Sacramento, California. Jules reimubrsed cab fares for the vulnerable to ensure that they could travel safely around Sacramento City.

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