Urgent aid for Afghan women in danger

Support therapy session grants for women

We’re passionate about uplifting women and supporting access to therapy sessions that might be inaccessible due to financial limitations. @dydoesit and @justinedivanna are raising funds to provide essential mental health services to women in need with a goal of paying for up to four sessions per approved applicant.

Campaign organized by Dynasty and Justine

Hi, Im Dynasty. I’m a wanderlust travel blogger and I’m obsessed with this world and making it a better place. Tomorrow is never promised and I work with others to increase their personal awareness by focusing on mindfulness, relationship wellbeing, and strength based growth. Now I’m working to provide access to therapy for women in need. Hi I’m Justine and I’m a permanent makeup artist and content creator. I am a huge advocate for mental health, and I strive to help people be their best selves. Thank you all for reading about and potentially supporting this mission.

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For this campiagn we will be focusing on funding up to four therapy sessions for women in order to enhance their well being. While therapy is becoming more and more accessible, we know that financial limitations may play a role in putting self care on the back burner. We are also hoping to reduce the Stigma around asking for help when it comes to mental health and we hope you’ll submit an application so we can review today!

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