Urgent aid for Afghan women in danger

HaloCab is protecting Asian Americans in LA

HaloCab is covering cab rides for the Asian elderly, women, and the LGBTQ+ community. No one should feel scared in the city they call home for being Asian.

Joyce from HaloCab

“Hi I’m Joyce. I’ve been there — opening Uber/Lyft, cringing at the price, and deciding to walk or take the train because you just can’t afford the cost. With the recent rise in Asian hate crimes, I understand that that decision now comes with more fear and anxiety than ever before. I want to do what I can to empower the most vulnerable in our LA Asian community, and I hope you’ll join me! Thank you for your donations. Your love-fueled action is helping one more person stay safe.

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Orange County, CA

“Thank you so much for your financial support. Your help could save a lot of lives literally. For me, It’s so hard to afford a cab fare home but I have to finish work late at night most of the days during the week. My wage alone isn’t enough to spare for a cab ride. Thanks to you all. I feel a lot more safe.”

Los Angeles, CA

“This campaign has helped my family and I so much! I’ve been using it to and from work and it has kept me safe for a long time. I was able to use the reimbursements to help with my driving lessons and I’ll be on the road soon thanks to this campaign! I’m so thankful to you guys and I plan to pay it forward by donating back to this campaign in the near future.

Thanks so much,”

Ventura, CA

“I usually use bus for rides but because of Asian hate speech experience at a bus several days before, I was afraid of Asian hate crime so I took Uber.”

Los Angeles, CA

“I am a full time college student and a part time worker in a small restaurant in Korea Town. I respectfully would like to request for a reimbursement because my pay goes towards my commute instead of house bills and tuition. I’ve had to start taking more night shits and it’s terribly frightening to take the train in general, especially once I reach Union Station. I risk my safety when I’m surrounded by attackers on the train. I’ve been followed to work by random men, yelled and whistled at by strangers who ogle me throughout the ride, but l luckily I have not been physically assaulted. I hope that day never comes. Your reimbursement would be deeply appreciated. This program means a lot to me and many other people. Thank you so much.”

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