HaloCab is protecting Asian Americans in LA

HaloCab is covering cab rides for the Asian elderly, women, and the LGBTQ+ community. No one should feel scared in the city they call home for being Asian.

Joyce from HaloCab

“Hi I’m Joyce. I’ve been there — opening Uber/Lyft, cringing at the price, and deciding to walk or take the train because you just can’t afford the cost. With the recent rise in Asian hate crimes, I understand that that decision now comes with more fear and anxiety than ever before. I want to do what I can to empower the most vulnerable in our LA Asian community, and I hope you’ll join me! Thank you for your donations. Your love-fueled action is helping one more person stay safe.

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Orange County, CA

“Thank you so much for your financial support. Your help could save a lot of lives literally. For me, It’s so hard to afford a cab fare home but I have to finish work late at night most of the days during the week. My wage alone isn’t enough to spare for a cab ride. Thanks to you all. I feel a lot more safe.”

Los Angeles, CA

“I am an unemployed Asian student who has no way of getting around other than public transportation. Last month I was attacked outside of Penn station for my ethnicity. Services like this help keep us safe. Thank you so much!”

Los Angeles, CA

“As a victim of a hate crime, I can’t express enough how grateful I am for cafemaddycab. Everyday after my assault, I feared for my life after stepping out my door and I felt incredibly upset and wronged to have to feel this way all the time. Even if it meant eating less food, I decided to take these Ubers for my sanity and my safety to ensure I won’t ever experience an assault again.”

Ventura, CA

“For an elderly Cantonese speaking woman I found who seemed lost in the train station. She needed a ride to NJ airport. As someone with limited financials, I was actually very surprised by the cost and tolls of this trip needed to help her.”

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