Urgent aid for Afghan women in danger

Urgent aid for Afghan women refugees

*This campiagn has closed. Thank you for all of your support and we will be sending an update to all donors shortly.* Acting quickly is essential as the crisis in Afghanistan escalates. Individuals who have been evacuated are limited to one bag of belongings, sometimes less. We’ve partnered with Women For Afghan Women to identify refugees who have recently landed in the US. Donations go directly to these women and families. We provide cash grants starting at $300 per person to help with their transition.

Campaign organized by Omid Scheybani

Omid Scheybani is devastated by the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Afghanistan and felt it was time to take action to support displaced individuals. “These people are leaving everything and landing in a foreign nation with nothing; the least we can do is help ease their transition by donating directly to them.” Omid is an activist, photographer and global storyteller. He holds an MBA from Stanford and works in the technology sector. Omid also runs a blog on his personal website omidscheybani.com and uses his instagram platform to amplify voices of those under-represented. We’re raising funds in order to support individuals via $300 cash payments. Please give. Please share.

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WomenForAfghanWomen.org has been working in Afghanistan for 20+ years and is key to helping us identify and connect with refugees landing in the US. WAW relentlessly advocates for women’s rights and challenges the norms to influence attitudes and bring about change. If you have been referred by WAW, please submit your request.

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